Boarding Kennel for Dogs and Cats

FMA Animal Hospital provides canine and feline boarding for those times you must be away. Our indoor facility is temperature controlled and staffed with highly trained individuals committed to your pets’ safety, comfort and well being. Our veterinarians are available during regular clinic hours and on call should any medical issue appear while your pet is with us.


For our canine guests, we offer 2’x3’ or 2’x4’ kennels as well as 4’x8’ runs. We have a beautiful park behind our building where your dog can stroll, sniff and “do their business” when they are leash walked 3 times per day. We require all dogs have current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccines in addition to a fecal exam within the last year.

For our feline guests we offer various sized kennels which include a comfortable “hiding” bed area equipped with a sisal scratching pad/post. Our feline area has a strict “no dogs allowed” policy to ensure a happy, safe and peaceful place to stay. We require all cats have current Rabies and FVRCP vaccines in addition to a fecal or de-worming within the last year.

  • We feed our boarders Purina EN during their stay and will provide every pet with a comfy bed or blanket. However, owners are welcome to bring food, treats, a bed and any special toys you wish your pet to have during their stay.
  • We will administer your pet’s medications for an additional fee.
  • We offer two Sunday pick-up times, 8:00-8:15 am and 5:00-5:15 pm. Payment must be made at the time the pet is checked in for boarding.

Cat or dog boarding reservations should be made well in advance to ensure a spot for your pet. We get particularly busy around the holidays so plan accordingly! At check-in, a team member will ask for an emergency contact person, your pet’s feeding instructions, health concerns, medication instructions and any other special requirements you or your pet may have. This ensures the proper care of your pet during his/her visit.

fma_admin2Boarding Kennel for Dogs and Cats