Canine Heartworm Infection

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Canine Heartworm Infection

Recent evidence of preventive-resistant heartworm in the Mississippi Delta region has given The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) cause for concern. Research has shown that “all currently approved products have failed to prevent heartworm” when dogs have been bitten by a mosquito carrying this new, resistant strain of heartworm. The geographic spread of these mosquitos has not yet been determined, but we recommend dog owners take precautionary measures nonetheless. 

Vetri Repel SprayIf your current flea and tick prevention doesn’t include a mosquito repellent, the CAPC recommends adding a topical repellent. We recommend Vetri Repel Spray, which is available at FMA. 


The CAPC recommends adding a topical repellent in addition to your regular year-round heartworm prevention medication. Make sure the repellent you use replels mosquitos, not just ticks and fleas.

Which repellents do we recommend?

If you are currently using a topical product for flea and tick control such as Vectra or Advantix which contain a repellent, your dog is covered! For owners using all other products we suggest Vetri-Repel (left). Vetri is an all-natural repellent which contains Brazilian oils that act as a natural force-field to keep mosquitos, chiggers and other pests away.

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