Discover the Secrets of your Dog’s DNA

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Beginning March 2015, we’re offering blood DNA testing for dogs. This is a relatively new technology in the world of veterinary medicine, and we’re proud to offer it to dog owners who want to be as proactive with their dog’s health as technology allows.

Building a genetic profile of your dog gives us a snapshot of what may be in store for them as they age. We will use it to make a long-term wellness plan for your pet.

A blood DNA test tells us:

If your dog is predisposed to over 30 different genetic conditions/mutations. Testing reveals if they’re a carrier (won’t but affected but may pass the disease to offspring) or affected (carries and is/will be affected by disease).
Your dog’s breed genealogy back to their grandparents.
How It Works

A small amount of blood is drawn during a 15-minute appointment.
The sample is processed and analyzed at the lab.
A report is sent to FMA in 2-3 weeks.
Meet with Dr. Bachman to create a health and wellness plan based on the results.

Dr. Bachman recommends DNA testing for pet owners who:
Are thinking about breeding their dog.
Suspect their dog might have a genetic condition based on what they know about family history.
Are in a financial position to be as proactive as possible with their dog’s health.
Cost: $129

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DNA Testing Begins March 2015
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