How To Mitigate Your Pet’s Allergies


Allergy Season… Ugh

Summer time, when the living’s easy. Unless you have allergies! Pets with allergies scratch and claw at the itchy spots, causing hair loss, ear infections, and scabbing. Cats sometimes exhibit asthma-like wheezing and respiratory problems.

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What You Can Do

While there isn’t a cure for allergies, there are a few things pet owners can do to manage the symptoms.

  • Bathe your pet. Pets that don’t show signs of allergies should be bathed once a month during the summer. If your pet does have allergies, bathing them twice per month will help limit the symptoms. Our FMA brand Hypoallergenic Shampoo works great, and is available for a fair, reasonable price at FMA.

  • Covered against fleas & ticks? Parasites are a common cause of pet allergies. Administer your flea & tick medication as directed by your vet. If your pet isn’t on a flea & tick medication, get them in to see Doc Bac.

  • Try a diet change. Cut out the table scraps to rule that out as a cause. Try changing your pet food. If you give them chicken, try beef or seafood (cats). Switch it up and see if it makes a difference.

What We Can Do

If what you’ve tried isn’t getting it done, bring your pet in for an allergen analysis. We’ll find out what they’re allergic to and give you a custom plan for mitigating it. In certain cases allergy shots can help a lot. In other cases Dr. Bachman might recommend a particular diet or lifestyle change depending on your pet’s situation.

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