Quality Low Cost Services

Because it is difficult for many owners to provide even the most basic of care for their pets we now offer the following quality low cost services:

Heartworm Test: $35

QUALITY LOW COST vaccinations are now by appointment Monday-Saturday during business hours.

QUALITY LOW COST Spay/Neuter by appointment Monday-Friday

Quality Low Cost Vaccinations
By Appt. Mon-Sat



Rabies 1yr $15.00
Rabies 3yr $20.00
DHLP-Parvo $22.00
Bordetella $18.00
Lyme $29.00
Rabies 1 yr $32.00
FVRCP $26.00
Leukemia $31.00
Vaccination Exam: $15 (required before administering any vaccination, except for puppy/kitten Booster Vaccinations where an exam fee is only needed for the first booster vaccination)

Quality Low Cost Spay/Neuter
By Appt. Mon-Fri




0-30 lb
31-50 lb
51-80 lb
81-100 lb
101+ lb




$75.00 $85.00
Optional Comfort Medication Available:
– Comfort injection keeps pets pain free for 24 hours – $36.00
– Injection PLUS oral medication to go home — keeps pets pain free for first week post-surgery – $58.00
*Additional charges for dogs in heat or pregnant.

Payment Options

The following payment plans are available for those who can’t afford to make full upfront payments for higher cost procedures such as surgery.

logo_roundedFinancing is available at 0% interest for 6 months as well as fixed interest plans which allow for lower monthly payments on larger balances.

fma_admin2Quality Low Cost Services