Tips for Keeping your Pets Cool During the Dog Days

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Tips for Staying Cool During the Dog Days

If you’re burning up this month, think about how hot it is for your furry kids! Here’s some tips and reminders for protecting the guys from the heat.   

puppy in grassHeatstroke is a rare but serious condition that can cause permanent organ damage or death. Symptoms to watch out for include excessive panting, lethargy, drooling, redness of the tongue or mouth, excessive grooming in cats, stumbling, sweaty paws, fever, vomiting, and collapse. If you think your pet has heat stroke, get them to a cool place and pour cool — not ice cold — water over their head and body. Then call the vet. 

sun Brush your pet regularly A clean, untangled coat can help ward off summer skin problems and help your pet stay cool. If you want to give your dog a haircut, and your vet thinks it will help him cope with the heat, keep his fur at least one inch long to protect him from the sun.

sun Never leave your dog alone inside a car. Even with the windows cracked, the inside of a car can heat up to 120 degrees in a matter of minutes on a warm day.

sun Offer your pet several ways to cool off. Leave a fan on in a place where your pet can sit in front of it, add some ice cubes to his water or offer him a cool treat.

sun Don’t leave your dog or cat alone outside for more than a few minutes. Even in the shade, a pet exposed to extreme heat and humidity is at risk for heatstroke.

sun Give your pet extra water. You will need to refill your dog’s water bowl more often than usual on very hot days.

sun Take your walks in the morning or evening.

Keep it Chill with these Paw-some Treats


Ingredients (makes about 15 catsicles):

– 15 8-ounce plastic cups.

– 1 5.5-ounce can of your cat’s favorite wet food (smooth, not chunky works best).

– Catnip and/or soft cat treats (optional)

– One small square of Saran Wrap 


1) Mix cat food and optional ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Mix should be primarily cat food, with treats mixed in as you would add chocolate chips to cookie dough.

2) Fill each plastic cup with about 1/4 – 1/2 an inch of the mixture. Flatten mixture by stacking cups one inside another. Place Saran Wrap over top cup to avoid freezer burn and place in freezer overnight.

3) The next morning, run the bottom-most cup under warm tap water until you can pull it free of the other cups and pop out the catsicle. Place catsicle disk in a deep bowl (to avoid messes) and let stand approximately five minutes or until the outside starts to “sweat.”)

4) Present Catsicle to cat. Watch her enjoy!


Apple Honey:

– 2 containers (6 oz. each) plain yogurt.

– 2 tablespoons honey.

– 2 tablespoons peanut butter.

– 1/3 cup regular applesauce (or a 4 oz. snack size portion) 

Peanut Butter Banana:

– 32 oz. plain yogurt.

– 2 tablespoons honey.

– 32 oz. plain yogurt.

– 1 mashed ripe banana.

– 32 oz. plain yogurt.

– 2 tablespoons peanut butter.

– 32 oz. plain yogurt.

– 2 tablespoons honey.


1) Apple Honey: Stir together all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a spoon until well combined.

Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicles: Mix ingredients in a mixer or blender.

2) Pick a way to form your pupsicles.

– In an ice-cube tray or egg carton (great for small dogs).

– For bigger dogs, try filling plastic cups halfway.

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