Yappy Hour

Yappy Hour

Let’s Get Yappy This Monday Aug. 3rd!

Dottie, Parvo-free and happy! This and portraits like it will be raffled off @ Yappy Hour.

What: Yappy Hour is a fundraiser hosted by Salon Ado to raise money for our 4 Pawz Cause fund, which we use to provide treatment for abandoned pets and relinquished pets.

When & Where: Monday August 3, 6:30-8:30 @ Salon Ado, 45th & State Line.

Why: It started with a little doggie named Dottie. Dottie (then named Demi) had Parvo and was almost dead, skin and bones, when her former owners brought her to FMA in December 2013. Unable to care for her, Dottie’s owners relinquished her to FMA. Dr. Bachman and his team quickly put Dottie on a treatment plan out of their own time and expense, and Dottie slowly started to recover. Vet tech Kirstin started sending videos of Dottie to her friend Elizabeth Lovell, who fell fast for that tiny resilient dog and her cute little tail. Elizabeth adopted Dottie into her loving home, and she has now recovered back to full health.

With our 4 Pawz Cause fund, FMA has also helped Dottie’s friends Soony, Gigi, Trina, and Petunia come back from debilitating illness. On behalf of all those sweet fur babies, Elizabeth was inspired to start an event so that FMA can raise money to continue helping abandoned pets.

Salon Ado agreed to host, and stylists Emily Freeman and Jessica Drusch have painted adorable pet portraits that will be raffled off. There will be plenty of other raffle items as well.

We hope to see your faces for a fun night of cocktails, awesome raffle prizes and the cutest art EVER for an amazing cause. You can RSVP at the event page.

Salon Ado Will Be Raffling Off Pet Portraits!

Petunia is a pocket-sized Persian and cute as a button. She is healthy again after arriving at FMA weak after her former owner passed away.
Gigi was hit by a car and left for dead. Dr. Bachman performed a complex leg surgery, and now Gigi can keep up with her big sister Ruby.

It’s Trick-ay

Calling all you canine and feline tricksters out there. All that hard work is about to pay off! We’re having a trick contest. The trick with the most Facebook likes by the end of August wins! Here’s how to enter.


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