We know how important your pets are to you and that you want to make sure that they’ll have everything they need in the event of an emergency.

We, like all of you, are closely monitoring what is happening with the virus. We want to ensure that all of our customers and staff stay safe, while also being able to continue to serve you and ensure that your pet’s medical needs are met.

We have implemented a rigorous cleaning schedule that includes hourly cleaning of door handles, credit card machines and other frequently-touched surfaces in the hospital. We also have public restrooms for hand washing if you need it.

Rest assured that we are NOT anticipating stock issues on pet food and pet medication. We will have ample supply on hand for our customers, so there is no need to stock up on pet food and medication at the moment for fear of us running out in the future. As of right now, we have not seen any indication of a disruption in our supply chain.

If, as this pandemic worsens, you no longer feel comfortable visiting our hospital, we have several options available to meet your pet’s needs without having to come in to the hospital:

1: Our lobby is closed to all clients – YES WE’RE OPEN but please call (913) 262-1600 for further instruction. 

2: You may call and place an order over the phone, which we can bring to you in the parking lot and place it into your car.

3: You can use our online pharmacy to have items delivered directly to your door.

4: All appointments will be curbsideWe will offer to drop off and do “hands-free” appointments. You can call to schedule an appointment, we will schedule a time for you to drop off your pet. When you get to the hospital, we will have a staff member meet you in the parking lot. We will take your pet in for an appointment, you can wait in your car or arrange a later pick up time. When completed the doctor will call with recommendations and your pet will be returned to you. All payments will be taken over the phone. All non-urgent appointments and surgical procedures should be rescheduled for a later date.

5: No personal items can be kept with the pet while hospitalized or boarding, including blankets, toys, collars, leashes, etc. Please clean your carrier, leash, and collar as carefully as possible before arrival with an alcohol-based solution.

6: You can also complete a drop-off form online before your pet’s visit by clicking here.

Please respect the ‘social distancing’ recommendations and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others, and refrain from shaking hands.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (913) 262-1600 for more information.

Thank you, as always, for your business and support- and stay safe and healthy out there!