Welcome Dr. Alex Bachman!

Hi! My name is Finn and I wanted to introduce everyone to my new dad and FMA’s newest veterinarian, Dr. Alex Bachman. Dr. Alex and his wife Amiee adopted me a couple months ago from my foster mommy Andrea. You may recognize Andrea from the front desk. Dr. Alex and Amiee already had a 5-year old Springer Spaniel named Addie. Addie welcomed me into their home and we’ve become best buds!

My dad recently graduated from K-State (go Wildcats!) and immediately started working at FMA with his dad, Dr. Ron Bachman. He was so excited to start. Sometimes I get to go with my dad to work and see all my old buddies and my cousins Kaepe and Snuffy. In our spare time we love cuddling on the couch and watching a movie as a family. We also enjoy playing at the park and fetch is my favorite game! I’m so excited and proud of my dad and I can’t wait for you to meet him. 

Our staff couldn’t be more thrilled to have Alex on board. Ron and Alex are going to make one lean, mean, animal-treating father-son team!

Yappy Hour!

FMA friends Emily Freeman and Jessica Drusch are hosting a fund raiser next month for our 4 Pawz Cause fund, which helps pets in need. The event is August 1st at Salon Ado. We’re really excited for it and hope many of you guys can make it. The event page is on Facebook. Here’s the story that inspired Emily and Jessica to set up the event. It was posted by FMA friend Elizabeth Lovell.

In December 2013, Dottie (then known as Demi) was almost dead by the time her former owners took her to FMA Animal Hospital The tiny puppy was skin and bones, and suffered from uncontrollable, severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea. She was quickly diagnosed with parvovirus, an highly contagious virus that kills millions of dogs every year. (Note: parvo is completely preventable with the right vaccinations!)

Demi was barely hanging on, and required immediate, expensive treatment that her former owners could not afford. What happens next is what makes FMA Animal Hospital special. Demi was relinquished to the vet, sick and dying, and instead of euthanizing Demi or letting her live out the rest of her life before the virus inevitably took her, they stepped in. Dr. Bachman and his team immediately started an intensive treatment to save this puppy. Since Demi no longer had owners, Dr. B and his team saved Demi’s life on their own time and at their own expense.

Thanks to these wonderful people, Demi started to recover. Vet tech Kirstin, who took it upon herself to spend hours with the sick puppy in her isolated kennel, started sending me videos. Demi was still so skinny, all of her ribs visible, and had a little puppy IV. Still, she wagged that dipstick tail when Kirstin talked to her. When I met her a few weeks later, I saw that same wiggle-butt and tail wag, and that was that. Kirstin scratched off the name on the kennel and wrote “Dottie.”

FMA Animal Hospital’s staff has a fund called The 4 Paws Cause to help other animals like Dottie who need emergency treatment. I’m proud to announce that my friends Emily Freeman and Jessica Drusch are hosting an amazing event to support this cause! They are amazing artists who have created portraits of some of the animals FMA has saved and we and our friends have rescued, including Dottie and her friends Soony, Gigi, Trina, and kitty cat Petunia. Come out to Salon Ado for a fun night of cocktails, awesome raffle prizes and the cutest art EVER for an amazing cause.

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